1930's Restoration/Major Renovation and Remodel Vancouver West Side
This 1930's circa Vancouver West Side home restoration was completed in stages over a couple or more years. The home had a nice floor plan and architecture design,
good bones for restoration.
Much of the vision and design decisions were largely the responsibility of the home owners. As you can see from the finished photos they had a natural
design instinct to restore the beauty of this home while keeping the historical
style alive.
Starting first with the main up stairs bathroom gutted down to the studs.
Some space was donated from a large adjacent bedroom to incorporate
a small laundry room into the bathroom.
The clients then moved on to the kitchen which again was completely
demolished and rebuilt. Fir wood flooring was discovered under layers
of previous flooring during the demo and  was restored to original condition.
Next was the master bedroom with a second story addition to convert
a 1/2 bath into a full bath. After initial demo it was discovered that little was
holding up the floor, as usual you never know what surprises lay in store
after demo. Previous owners had removed a wall below without
structural considerations. Again much care and thought was given to the
selection of finish materials to recreate the original style.
Moving on the family room, hallway and both staircases one up and one down
was remodelled and reconstructed. Previous owners had constructed an
addition increasing the rear space of the home for a family room. A dropped  
beam however was used in the addition which chopped the space.
Furthermore the ceiling was partially lowered to try to partially hide the beam.
A new flush beam was installed and the ceiling raised to greatly improve the space.
Finally the old deck and garage were torn down. A larger deck built and a rather unique carport built. With the help of the owner we designed and built
the carport to resemble the architecture of the home.